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axtris designs

Facetious? Maybe. Tongue-in-cheek? You betcha. Whatever statement you want to make, Axtris has a design ready and waiting for you to pick up and represent.

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“Future’s Bright”

“All’s Well In Hell”


More designs

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“Be Kind”

“Dumb Bimbo”

“Heart Breaker”


“Devil Made Me Do It”

“Monster Pop”

“Spaced Out”

“Hot Ghoul Summer”

“Cherry Bomb”

“Gothic Bat”

“Filthy Rich”

“A Vita Ad Mortem”

“Thick’n Nugget”
(Version 2)

“Chunky Dunkin'”


“Bottoms Up”

“Lookin’ Grim”
(Light or Dark)

“Drama Queen”

“Pay Up”
(Light or Dark)

“Bye Baby”
(Light or Dark)

(Pink and Neutral)

“Yucky Charm”

“Plague Doctor”

“Trouble Maker”

“Bored Games”

“Thick’n Nugget”
(Version 1)

Holiday Collections

“Santa Baby”

“On The Naughty List”

“Santa’s Little Helper”

“Let’s Get Spoopy”

“Ghoul Next Door”

“Sweet Tooth”

“Halloween Mural”